Evel Neocleus headshot.With more than 10 years of clinical experience in applied educational psychology services, Evel is an experienced professional, dedicated to delivering quality services with statistically-significant results. That is why most of the services he offers are Evidence-based. He is registered as an Educational Psychologist at the Cyprus Registration Board for Professional Psychologists and works for Evel Neocleus Educational Psychologist Ltd, both as an Educational Psychologist and a (Certified) Parent Child Interaction Therapist (www.pcit.org/Cyprus)

Evel works in a range of fields including:

  • emotional,
  • behavioral,
  • cognitive and learning,
  • psycho-educational evaluation.

Also central to Evel’s work is the understanding that children’s needs are often powerfully mediated by the dynamic human and physical environment around them, so he often has those who live and work with children participate in educational and treatment sessions. He therefore offers caregivers (parents/family members/teachers, etc.) education through both didactic sessions and live-coaching while they interact with their children or students (enabling parent-child or teacher-student to acquire vital skills and learn to deal with a wide range of situations).

See Evel’s full Curriculum Vitae here.